When A Tree Falls...

When a Tree Falls...

Will You Be There to Hear It?


March 27, 2021  | 2 PM Eastern

TEDxIndianaUniversity is beyond thrilled to invite you to our 6th Annual and Virtual TEDx Conference, When A Tree Falls. Join us from the comfort of your homes for a fantastical afternoon of engaging talks, diverse thoughts and ideas worth sharing.

This year’s theme is designed to highlight all voices and perspectives. "When a Tree Falls" is the question of whose stories get to be told, and who hears them when they do. Our conference will center around the impact that groundbreaking stories create, and with a world of information saturation, what it takes for that story to be heard.

From global crises to personal triumphs, shockwaves are being sent through every institution, belief, and relationship we have - will you be there to listen?

We will see you in...

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Registrations Begin 3/1

Speaker Lineup

We will be featuring seven diverse speakers from the worlds of art, science, politics, and more. Stay tuned as we announce these speakers over the next few weeks!


Meet the Team Behind the Conference

If you take a peek behind the extravagant annual conferences put up by TEDxIndianaUniversity each year, you will find a team of dedicated and passionate members working diligently to ensure your experience is nothing but the best. And this year is no exception.


Our team of 43 members, working in 6 committees - Marketing, Production, Curation, Membership, Operations and Finance - has persevered through the challenges the past few months have thrown our way to create a unique TEDx experience for you that you will never forget. 


Help us keep spreading ideas...

TEDxIndianaUniversity is an organization dedicated to sharing ideas and amplifying voices that otherwise go unheard. Despite all the changes we have had to make this year to ensure the safety and wellness of everyone, we have not faltered from our mission. We have continued to operate fully and hosted events - like our conference - that have helped start and continue conversations that truly matter.


However, due to us making our conference virtual and free this year, we have not been able raise money from ticket sales. As an organization that hopes to continue hosting events that add value to our community, we would truly appreciate any support that you can offer. We cannot be who we are without you!

Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors

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