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Eyes on the Stars, Feet on the Ground


Emerging technology, disease, and social movements have fundamentally changed the landscape of humanity in the modern era. In the past decade, we have seen technology transform our lives as well as the way that we interact with one another. We have experienced global epidemics that threaten the very fabric of our society. We’ve seen disaster strike and the whole world stand together in solidarity. So many changes are occurring seemingly instantaneously, and we must step back and take a moment to contemplate how we will face the challenges that lie ahead, how we will learn from the past.


As young adults look forward to their careers, they must ask themselves what they wish to see in the world and what it will take to realize those dreams. It is important for us to contemplate what these changes mean, and how we will evolve to accommodate change to make this world a better place for future generations. Late President Theodore Roosevelt once said to a crowd of young students, “Keep your eyes on the stars, but remember to keep your feet on the ground…The salvation of our whole social system depends upon the production year by year of a sufficient number of citizens who possess high ideals combined with the practical power to realize them in actual life.” TEDxIndianaUniversity 2015 seeks to present the community a lens with which to analyze the challenges that lie ahead. We will look out to space with curiosity and hope, and through inspiring talks and performances, we will look closer at ourselves and the earth we live on for answers. In this way, with our eyes on the stars, and our feet on the ground, we must face what lies ahead inspired and prepared.


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Emily Calandrelli

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Ben Brabson

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Alyssa Monks

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Sylvia McNair

Jeff Nelsen

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Beth Meyerson

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Steve Fleischli

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Henry Hertzfield

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Ceaser McDowell

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