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Outside Looking In
Inside Looking Out



Buskirk-Chumley Theater
6 p.m.

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About the Speakers


Rupert Murray

Documentary Director and Ocean Conservationist

Documentary director and Ocean conservationist Rupert Murray has been concerned with the state of the oceans since early childhood. In 2009 he directed and filmed ʻThe End of the Lineʼ, the first global documentary about the devastating effects of overfishing. The multi-award-winning film was shown at the Sundance Film Festival and opened in cinemas in 7 countries, and was shown on national television in 14 countries and at over 100 film festivals. The film brought the enormity of the issue facing the world oceans to the wider public and major retailers in the US and Europe for the first time resulting in a sustainable seafood revolution. And the film and ensuing campaign played a large part in saving the Bluefin tuna from extinction in the Mediterranean. Since the film came out Murray has been working as an ambassador for the Blue Marine Foundation, a charity set up by the film’s producers to create marine protected areas. The charity has protected over 4 million square kilometers of the global ocean. He is currently working on a follow-up to End of the Line, documenting the process of protecting 30% of the ocean by 2030.


Charlie Walker

Adventurer, Writer, and Public Speaker

Charlie Walker is a British adventurer, writer, and public speaker. He specializes in long distance, human-powered expeditions and has traveled by bicycle, foot, horse, and dugout canoe! From spending several weeks in a Russian kangaroo court to camping in -50ºC, Charlie’s journeys never have a dull moment. His work has been featured in a range of publications and many of his experiences have been documented in his two published books.

Charlie’s longest expedition was a 43,000-mile (70,000 km) bicycle journey reaching the furthest cape in Europe, Asia, and Africa before returning home. On this journey he traversed 60 countries, encountering extremes of weather, remoteness, and physical exhaustion during the four and a half years he was away.

Charlie continues to seek out expeditions around the world, gaining a breadth of experiences and adventures along the way. His expertise in “journeys” can be used as a source of inspiration for anyone looking to take a leap of faith or move beyond their individual fishbowls.


Dr. Marccus D. Hendricks

Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Planning at the University of Maryland

Marccus D. Hendricks is a first-generation Black American scholar and academic mentor who was born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in two neighborhoods (South Dallas and Oakcliff), both of which are right outside of downtown by his mother and father, a homemaker and liquor store manager, respectively. Currently, Hendricks is a recently tenured Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Planning at the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland, where as a community-engaged scholar, he emphasizes participation and action using methods such as photography, visual inspection, and environmental sampling to better understand environmental exposure and impact. For example, he developed a participatory assessment technique for infrastructure (PATI) that provides a community-based approach to assess the capacity and physical condition of stormwater and other infrastructure systems (e.g. transportation, utility poles, etc.). This application of community science was the first of its kind connecting flood risks from stormwater runoff to the infrastructure systems that are designed to provide physical protection. Hendricks holds a Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Science and a Master of Public Health, both from Texas A&M University. His favorite pastimes include live theatre, music, and spoken word. His passion for critical thinking and public speaking began early on in grade school when he was a championed chess player and oratorical contestant. Hendricks’s ultimate career goal is to support communities, particularly those who live at the margins, in the transformation of the spaces where they desire to live, work, and play and mitigate inequality through what he calls this “socio-physical continuum.” He lives by the mantra “As long as I’m generous at heart I don’t need recognition, how I’m rewarded, well that’s God’s decision” which is a lyric from Kendrick Lamar’s critically acclaimed album To Pimp a Butterfly.


Matt Sunbulli

Fishbowl Cofounder and CEO

Matt Sunbulli is CEO and Cofounder of Fishbowl, a new social network that connects professionals with their colleagues across industries. Every day professionals come to Fishbowl to have candid and relevant conversations with others in their space. Its mission is to bring professionals together to make workplaces more open, careers more navigable, and jobs more enjoyable. Matt was previously Cofounder and CEO of Social Amp, one of the first Facebook Preferred Marketing Agencies, acquired by Merkle (part of the Dentsu Aegis Network), in 2012. 

Excerpt from 3 Percent Movement. Offical Bio Coming Soon


Elizabeth Claffey

Associate Professor of Photography
at Indiana University

Elizabeth M. Claffey is an Associate Professor of Photography at Indiana University in Bloomington, a 2019-20 Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction and a 2012 William J. Fulbright Fellow. She has an MFA in Studio Art from Texas Woman’s University, where she also earned a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies. Before joining the faculty at IU, she participated in The Eddie Adams Workshop and freelanced for various organizations and publications including The Dallas Morning News, NBC Universal Studios, and the United Nations Women’s Fund. In 2017, her work was selected for a Center Santa Fe Director’s Choice Award by Kim Sajet of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C. In 2021, she was awarded an Outstanding Junior Faculty Award and an IU Presidential Award for Research and Creative Activity. Elizabeth’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and focuses on labor, identity, kinship, isolation, issues of the body, and cultural/institutional practices.


John Lantos

Pediatrician, Bioethicist, Teacher, and Writer

John Lantos is a pediatrician, bioethicist, teacher, and writer. He is past president of The American Society of Bioethics and Humanities. He has the unique ability to speak about complicated bioethical issues in a poetic voice informed by his clinical experiences. His work has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, The Lancet, The Chicago Tribune and the Kansas City Star. He has spoken about bioethical controversies on Oprah, Nightline, and NPR.

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