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From Ashes We Rise


It’s always burning. No matter where you go, it’s always over your shoulder. As we look out on a familiar scene, it lurks on the periphery, waiting to strike. Then, with a spark, the fire of adversity emerges, consuming all that is known in its wake. All that was… taken away. What comes next? How can we make something of the ashes that remain? These questions burn in each of our minds, for while the future is clouded with smoke, one clear certainty remains: fires will come.


From Ashes We Rise centers on the certainty of adversity in life. It explores elements of a story familiar to us all -- loss, setback, possibility and impossibility, compromise, and progress -- and understands them as necessary, intertwined, inevitable. 


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Anima Anandkumar

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Jonathan Jones

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Jeff Mittman

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Trevor Paetkau


Justin Phillips

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Dr. Giada Arney

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