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The Victory of Patience and Unity over Oppression

In November of 2020, a farmer's strike in protest of a set of farming laws passed by the Indian government began. It rapidly became the biggest protest in human history, with people of all classes and backgrounds participating. After patiently struggling for 16 long months, millions of people, hundreds of martyrs, and countless stories of hope and despair, the laws were repealed. The Indian Farmers’ victory tells us how we can overcome any hurdle or can win any struggle with unity and patience. Navkiran Natt is a student-youth activist and film/media researcher who works between Panjab and Delhi. She is trained as a dentist and later completed her Masters in Film Studies from Ambedkar University, Delhi. She works on transnational Panjabi migration and its reflections in Panjabi popular culture and media. She did a podcast series on the Green Revolution's health implications in Panjab with the Goethe Institut, New Delhi. Currently, she is co-editor of Trolley Times, a newsletter that started from India's ongoing farmers' movement.

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