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The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of a Relentless Risk Taker

Quincy Owens shares how his life journey, family, and values have informed his artistic endeavors. Throughout his life, taking risks and pushing himself out of his comfort zone have been integral to his creative process. By prioritizing interaction and innovation, Owens aims to bring a bit of play into the lives of everyone who experiences his art.
Being open to different kinds of creative processes has resulted in fruitful artistic partnerships across disciplines and has allowed him to create monumental public displays of art for many different communities across Indiana. Quincy Owens is an Indianapolis based sculpture artist and painter. He has work on display in public spaces in Indianapolis and his work has been displayed across the US as well as in other countries. He grew up in a region of Indiana where flat rural land transitions sharply to rolling hills. This transition from one dynamic to another has inspired his work ever since and the majority of his major works originates from the concept of shifting, corresponding, and contradicting systems. Having worked as both a teacher and as a freelance artist, as well as being a husband and Father of five, Owens places the creativity/ curiosity he has experienced in his own life into his vibrant works of art. With the end goal of his artwork being honesty, Owens has been
recognized in art competitions as well as by the Indianapolis art community. He works with the Harrison center of Indianapolis to share his work and share a playful perspective on life. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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