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When a Tree Falls

A Virtual TEDx Conference

March 27, 2021  | 2 PM Eastern

This page will be your one-stop hub for everything conference related.

If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to email or submit a question on the Zoom webinar.





Theme Reflection

"Why I Have Two Birthdays"

Arsham Parsi

"When Silence Is No Longer An Option"

Tatjana Rebelle

Jazz Performance

"What It Is Like To Have A Baby In Prison"

Jessica Kent

"Plants: They Whisper, Talk And Even Move"

Dr. Roger Hangarter

Mindfulness Exercise

Jazz Performance

Interview on Native American Representation

Dr. Jennifer Guiliano

"Time Is More Valuable Than Money"

Joe Salesky

"A Seat At The Table Of Systematic Racism In Art Museums"

Dr. Kelli Morgan

Self Reflection

Concluding Notes


If a speaker moves you, something they say resonates with you,  or you just have a message for them - they would like to hear it!

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Help us keep spreading ideas...

TEDxIndianaUniversity is an organization dedicated to sharing ideas and amplifying voices that otherwise go unheard. Despite all the changes we have had to make this year to ensure the safety and wellness of everyone, we have not faltered from our mission. We have continued to operate fully and hosted events - like our conference - that have helped start and continue conversations that truly matter.


However, due to us making our conference virtual and free this year, we have not been able raise money from ticket sales. As an organization that hopes to continue hosting events that add value to our community, we would truly appreciate any support that you can offer. We cannot be who we are without you!


Participate in the activities in between talks

We will be hosting some reflective activities in between talks. We encourage all of you to participate individually!

To get started, scan the QR code, click on the button below the code, or go to

You can also participate via text for some questions - the details for that will be shared during the conference.

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